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Gather employees from remote offices together and raise efficiency of team work

What’s this?

Online meetings are meetings, conferences or sessions of company’s employees held over the Internet. During online meetings their participants can discuss current tasks, view documents and keynotes, exchange ideas about existing problems. All this is done without leaving their working places.

What are advantages of using it?

Keynotes, video, texts, screen sharing, chat as well as possibility to view recorded meetings for several times make online meetings effective and dynamic

You can discuss important questions with colleagues from other branch offices

Online meetings are cost-effective and are simply irreplaceable for holding training of employees, especially in organizations with high personnel turnover

Where you are is of no importance any more – you always look professional

Nobody is late for meetings – with the help of a mobile app anyone is able to get connected to communication even from one’s smartphone.

Due to online meetings, work efficiency is preserved within a team, as well as costs are saved on organization costs.

How does it work?

  1. Prepare and create an online meeting at your personal online account
  2. Send invitation links to participants
  3. Upload necessary materials
  4. Hold the seminar and invite any participant to discussion
  5. Organize tests and use other tools for online audience to make online meetings more efficient and exciting

If you are a company CEO, HR manager or develop your own brand or company, try and appreciate all advantages online meetings will offer you: efficiency and comfort, simplicity of organization and cost effectiveness.

Check how it works

Hold online meetings, discuss ideas and current tasks with colleagues, employees and partners surrounded by the comfort of your working place.

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